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Midwives’ Views and Practices Regarding the Use of Vertical Position of in Normal Birth: A Cross-Sectional Study of Western Turkey
Position of mother in labor is an important factor that causes important consequences for mother and fetus and directly affects mother’s health and fetus. This study was carried out to determine the views and practices of midwives regarding the use of vertical positions in normal labor. As a cross-sectional study, it was performed by 89 midwives working at the delivery rooms of the state hospitals within Mugla district that is located at the southwest of Turkey. The data was collected via the self-reports of the midwives in response to a questionnaire prepared in accordance with the literature. The obtained data was evaluated by Chi-Square, Fisher's Exact Chi-Square and Kruskall Wallis-H analyzes. 67.4% of midwives with an average age of 37.9 ± 5.074 are associate degree graduates and 83.1% are married. 88.8% of normal births are done by midwives. 3.4% of midwives have received training on vertical positions. 63.6% of midwives found the use of vertical positions in phase I appropriate as 40% thought its use in phase II. is more convenient. Most Midwives support the use of vertical positions especially for phase I (92.1%). 95.5% of midwives do not find delivery rooms suitable for the use of vertical position at the phase II. They want delivery room conditions to be regulated in order to use vertical positions (81.7%). As a result, it was concluded that midwives found vertical positions suitable for the first phase rather than the second, and all of them found the lithotomy position suitable for deliveries and applied their practices accordingly. Although midwives have a positive view of the use of vertical positions at birth and support their use, they do not find delivery room conditions appropriate.

Vertical positions; Midwife; Opinions and Practices; Normal Labor

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