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A Case of Episodic Migraine Without Aura Developed After Sexual Attack to a Seventeen Years Old Adolescent
Adolescence is a period of significant risk for sexual assault, especially for girls. Although it is known that sexual assault is associated with a wide range of physical and psychiatric symptoms during this period, very little researches have addressed its relationship with headache. In this case report, a seventeen-year-old adolescent girl exposed to sexual attack of her boyfriend and experienced the first migraine attack a few days after the abuse, was shared after she appealed our clinic. As a result of the neurological examination, the patient was diagnosed with episodic migraine without aura, and was consulted with the pediatric and adolescent psychiatry clinic after the anamnesis received after the patient reported that she had been exposed to sexual assault three months ago and symptoms of post-traumatic stress were observed. After the psychiatric assessment, the patient was diagnosed with major depressive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder. In our case, whose treatment process is still continuing in coordination with our clinic, a significant decrease was observed in the symptoms of post-traumatic stress symptoms with the psychotherapy sessions, as well as the frequency, duration and severity of pain. It will be beneficial to adopt a multidisciplinary approach in the assesment and treatment process, considering that any psychological trauma experienced not only in the form of sexual abuse, but also physically or emotionally, is associated with headaches in children and adults as well as adolescents.

Adolescence; Migraine without aura; Sexual assault; Post-traumatic stress disorder.

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