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Investigation of Postgraduate Thesis in The Field of Child Health and Diseases Nursing (2011-2021): Systematic Review
Objective: This systematic review was made to examine the postgraduate theses prepared in the last ten years in the department of pediatric nursing. Material and Methods: The study was carried out between 3-27 November 2021 using scanning postgraduate theses containing the word "children's health and diseases nursing". According to the inclusion criteria of the research, 35 postgraduate theses were reached. Results: It was determined that 74.3% (n=26) of the theses examined in the study were published between 2016-2021, and 60.0% (n=21) were master's theses. When analyzed according to the research design, 57.1% (n=20) of the theses had an experimental design, the most discussed topic was pain with a rate of 28.6% (n=10), the most studied sample group was 28%, It was determined that 6 (n=10) adolescent group and 22.9% (n=8) were newborns. It was determined that the most preferred scales in the study were the scales assessing pain, anxiety/anxiety, and quality of life. Conclusion: As a result of this systematic review, it has been concluded that there has been an increase in postgraduate theses in the field of pediatric nursing, the experimental research design is preferred more frequently, and the thesis studies are performed more regularly with adolescent and newborn age groups. In addition, it has been observed that there is an emphasis on pain, anxiety/anxiety, and quality of life in postgraduate theses. It is thought that determining the studies and gaps in child health and diseases nursing will contribute to academic development.

Child; Pediatric nursing; Graduate education.

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