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The Relationship of Leadership Approaches with Effective Employee Behaviors on Quality in Health Services
The preference of the health institution by individuals is of great importance in terms of obtaining a competitive advantage in the sector and maintaining its existence in the future. One of the most important parameters affecting individuals' choice of health institution is the quality of the service provided in the institution. Institutional managers who want to gain competitive advantage in the sector should develop strategies related to the management of issues that may affect service quality. Although there are many factors that affect service quality, one of the factors that directly affect quality is employee behavior. It is reported that employees with high organizational commitment and motivation, who are satisfied with their work, perform better, and the quality of service they provide is affected by these variables. The leadership behaviors exhibited by health institution managers, on the one hand, shape the trends in making error/incident notifications, which are a prerequisite for improving service quality, on the other hand, they also indirectly affect the service quality by affecting the organizational commitment levels, motivations, job satisfactions and performances of the employees. Many leadership styles are mentioned in the literature, and it is reported that some leadership behaviors affect employees positively, while others affect them negatively. In this review, the effects of leadership styles on health workers and therefore on the quality of health services are examined and discussed in the light of current literature.

Quality of healthcare; Leadership; Nursing.

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