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Comparison of Complications in Postpartum Hospitalization Processes According to Delivery Types of Mothers in Cesarean Section: Case-Control Descriptive Study
Objective: In this study, it was aimed to compare the complications experienced by mothers who gave birth by normal spontaneous delivery (NSD) and cesarean section during postpartum hospitalization and these situations according to delivery type. Materials and Methods: In the study, which was designed as a descriptive type, the characteristics of the case and control groups were analyzed. The study was carried out in a public university hospital between February 2011 and April 2011. The data were collected using a descriptive questionnaire and postpartum evaluation control chart on the 0th and 1st days after the birth. Results: The mean age of women with NSD was 28.92±5.72 years, and the mean age of women who gave birth by cesarean section was 31.07±5.06 years. There was no significant relationship between the groups in terms of postpartum hemorrhage. On the other hand, a significant difference was found in the variables of vital signs, breastfeeding, bowel distension, pain, mother-infant interaction, postpartum emotional state and postpartum comfort (p<0.05). The significant difference was caused by women who gave birth by cesarean section and it was seen that women experienced more problems than women who gave birth with NSD. Conclusion: Complication levels of women who had cesarean section were found to be high. Considering the cesarean section rates in our country, it is recommended that mothers who gave birth by cesarean section be supported more postpartum.

Birth; Postnatal care; Hospitalization; Complication.

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